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Front Squat Harness

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Advantages and benefits with the RB Front Squat Harness

With the Robert Baraban Frontsquat Harness the weight can be placed on the training device. This greatly reduces the strain on the spine and allows the athlete to concentrate fully on the front squat. The weight does not have to be held with the arms. The athlete can therefore train with maximum weight. He need not worry about letting the weight fall.

Advantage with the RB Front Squat and Zercher Harness

The Robert Baraban Frontsquat and Zercher Harness has an additional rack, which is placed further down.

This makes it possible to hang the barbell bar further down. This shifts the leg training more towards the front leg muscles.

Who uses a Front Squat Harness?

The Frontsquat Harness is very popular with athletes who rely on explosive leg strength.

The training device is ideal for strongmen, bodybuilders, powerlifters, footballers, skiers, rugby players, ice hockey players and special units of the military and police. The Front Squat Harness is also ideal for ambitious women who want to get their leg muscles in shape efficiently.


Why a Front Squat Harness by Robert Baraban?

RB is a quality manufactory from Austria and almost standard in this field.

Every single piece of equipment is made by hand. The Front Squat Harness can support up to 500 kilograms and is suitable for the strongest men and women in the world. That is why RB units have established themselves especially in the Strongman scene.

Why are the pins rubberised?

Each rack is rubberised and thus allows the weight to be placed on the shelf without any noise.


What do Front Squats do for men?


After men pay much attention to the upper body, the legs are often neglected. If the proportions of the upper and lower body do not match, it can look rather unaesthetic, even ridiculous. But that is not the only reason why they should subject their legs to

intensive leg training.

Largest muscle group

When you train your legs, which is your largest muscle group with squats, the training has an extremely positive effect on the whole body.

Your legs and bottom become taut and defined. They have a significant increase in muscle mass. The increase in mass increases the basic calorie consumption. The muscles burn more fat at rest. This way you burn fat while sitting in front of the TV or sleeping and form your six-pack.


Hormone release

When you train small muscles such as the biceps or triceps, much less anabolic hormones are released than in large muscle groups.

As the legs represent your largest muscle group, most hormones are also released in squats. If you then train other muscle groups, these smaller muscle groups will benefit greatly from the hormone release. In this way, you also build up more muscle mass on the upper body and overcome training plateaus.


Squats preserve the function of your joints and strengthen your tendons. Hips, knees and ankle joints must be stressed regularly to maintain their function. It is important that the range of movement is fully utilised.

Bone density

Like muscles, bones only become stronger when they are intensively exercised. High pressure and tensile stress increase bone density, and tendons also become stronger. Between 30 and 40 years of age, people have the maximum bone mass. After that, the biological degradation process begins. You can counteract this with heavy weight training such as squats. Heavy weight training is ideal for preventing osteoporosis and strengthening tendons.


What do Front Squats do for women?

Attractive, firm legs

Women often think it is enough to walk a little to get their legs in shape. This is only partly true. Many women also think that bodybuilding makes their legs look massive like a bodybuilder's. This may be the case for professional bodybuilders who devote their whole life to sport and may even use illegal substances. However, leg training usually helps you to reduce fat, build strength and fight cellulite. As the proportion of muscle mass in women is much smaller than in men, women should focus even more on the large muscle groups to burn fat efficiently. Often slim women also suffer from cellulite or simply want to shape and tone their legs. Squats are ideally suited for this.

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Bone density

Post-menopausal women are particularly prone to osteoporosis. After the absence of menstruation, a lack of oestrogen develops, which has a negative effect on bone density. With weight training, you can increase bone density at a young age and thus prevent it for old age. But even women who have already had the menopause can increase their bone density with weight training and strengthen their tendons. Bone density is increased in places where there is a lot of pressure and pulling.


Preserve the function of your joints with squats. It is important that the range of movement of your joint is fully utilised.
That is why you should use all your joints and tendons regularly.

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